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SR650NTF Natural


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Ibanez SR650NTF Natural

Ibanez Tone and Versatility

For decades, Soundgear basses from Ibanez have been holding down the low-end for everything from metal to country. The SR650 boasts a combination of premium tonewoods with a toneful and gorgeous ash body along with a 5-piece SR4 jabota/bubinga neck topped with a jatoba fretboard adorned with lovely abalone oval inlays. The SR650 is equipped with an Accu-cast B300 bridge, Nordstrand CND P and J pickups, and a 3-band EQ. Some of Sweetwater's best bassists have depended on the great tone and versatility you get with Ibanez's SR650 basses.



Ibanez SR650 Electric Bass Guitar at a Glance:
  • Precision-made with great tonewoods
  • Great tone from Nordstrand CND P/J Pickups
  • Versatile sound for any style
Precision-made with great tonewoods

Ibanez makes some very fine instruments, and the SR650 bass is no exception. Ibanez chose a time-and-tone-tested ash body for exceptional low-end impact, rich sustain, and gorgeous looks. And the five-piece jabota/bubinga neck with KTS Titanium rods doesn't just look great, it's incredibly strong to resist warping and twisting over the years.

Great tone from Nordstrand CND P/J Pickups

Whether you're playing traditional rock, or screaming metal, the SR650's pair of Nordstrand CND P/J pickups have you covered. These pickups have a rich and solid character to them, with powerful sound-shaping potential from the onboard tone controls. You have control over boost/cut for bass, mid, and high frequencies, and an EQ bypass switch.

Versatile sound for any style

Ibanez basses are used in every style of music from metal to rock to jazz fusion. The versatile pickups and active electronics let you shape your tone to best fit the gig. From the scooped mids for slapping and popping to massive low-end rumble, the SR650 can do it all.

Ibanez SR650 Electric Bass Guitar Features:
  • Fast-playing bass with premium tonewoods
  • Ash body has gorgeous looks and great tone
  • Long-term reliability and stability from the 5-piece SR4 jabota/bubinga neck
  • Awesome sustain and note separation from the Accu-Cast B300 ridge
  • Big bold tone from Nordstrand CND P/J pickups
  • 3-band EQ with bypass for fine-tuning your tone
The Ibanez SR650 is a premium performer!