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J BAR C Cowboy Church - Palmer, TX

The design consists of 4 different Elation Professional fixtures.  The back-lighting  is comprised of 6 Fuze Par Z zoomable RGBW LEDs.  Side fill is made up of 3 SixPar 300 RGBWAU on each side.  2 KL6FR Fresnel with motorized zoom make up the front fill and 2 SixBar 500 RGBWAU Bar Fixtures were used as uplights on each side of the podium.  To create movement and effect as well as give the ability to highlight different areas, 2 Fuze SFX mover heads were installed halfway back in the auditorium, one on each side.
Control is achieved by an ADJ MyDMX 3.0 at front of house.  3 Elation EFly wireless DMX transceivers provide provide connection to each lighting point.