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Greater Mt Hebron Baptist Church - Dallas, TX

To goal was to provide warm white fill on stage with the ability to spot the pulpit, musicians and choir as well as provide a colored backdrop for the back wall behind the choir.  8 ADJ PARZ100 WW with manual zoom were used to wash the stage and 6 ADJ ULTRA HEX BAR 12 were installed under the pews in the choir loft to illuminate the back wall in a multicolored wash.  Control is provided by an ADJ MyDMX 3.0.
The existing cluster was replaced with 2 QSC E112 flown from a custom bracket top center.  A QSC GLXD8 was installed to provide power to the mains and existing subs and a QSC GLXD4 was installed to power the stage monitors.  The amplifiers were located in an existing audio rack behind the stage that housed the old amplifiers.  An existing DBX Driverack provides system control while FOH PreSonus Digital Console provides I/O.