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City of Palmer - Chamber/Municipal Court
The City of Palmer needed a audio system for their City Chamber/Municipal Court that could handle voice reproduction for a large seating area without being obstructive while delivering balanced sound to just 2/3rds of the room.  The system had to be able to handle 11 desktop mics and a wireless handheld and needed to all be controlled in a central location.  The solution was to install a Shure MXW conference system consisting of 11 Shure MXW wireless desktop mics with rechargable bases and 1 Shure MXW hand held wireless mic.  3 MXW charging stations were installed to link all wireless and charge the units.  2 Wireless transceivers were mounted on the backwall and networked into the audio rack consisting of a QSC AHM16 digital mixer, LEA digital power amplifier and a Furman power center.  Pioneer ceiling speakers were mounted in the audience seating area.